Sunday, February 15, 2009

one small step for your wardrobe...

one giant leap into a new eco-friendly way of thinking!
for those of you thinking "being green" means wearing patchouli and birkenstocks (which is certainly the stereotype, but not bad at all) think again. there are so many new and hip ways to bring a bit of "green" to your everyday life.
maybe an organic or sustainable fabric tee? sooo soft.

fact: over 25% of pesticides used to treat crops anually... are used on cotton. yick.

organic onesie by pinecone and chickadee $18

maybe an item from repuposed materials? felted wool= oh-so-cozy!

sweet leaf felted wool elf hat 22$

"toasties" mittens from felted wool sweaters 40$

"tree"-cycled felted wool sweater (sz sm/med) 18$

fact: 4.5% or 4 million tons of landfill waste each year is comprised of textiles, clothing, and fabric. wowee.

or, try being clean and green! a "homegrown" and good-enough-to-eat bar of soap will wash your troubles away!

fact:parabens have been linked to cancer and high estrogen levels. um, ew.

yummy homegrown soap in tons 'o flavors by long winter farm $5.50

small steps, people. but trust me, you'll feel soooo good you did it. and, you'll be inspired to do more!

Friday, February 13, 2009

d-day for v-day...

some last-minute suggestions for that "special someone"... bath and massage oils from longwinterfarm 8$ each

purple raindrops tee by pinecone and chickadee 32$

felt crown and handmade tutu set by liziedoo's( for size 2-6) 32$

2" felt merino cuff w/ heart by on the round 28$

felted elf hat from recycled wool with sweet leaf design by kindred kids 22$

last but not least, a pic of the shop window, overflowing with red and pink mushy, lovey-dovey goodness!

take that special someone and love them all up!

Monday, February 2, 2009


SHOP ALERT! new items from "on the round"! a unique and lovely shop from rockport, maine. featuring simple and beautiful pieces like:



oh, and don't forget:

we say YUM. how can you not love it? valentine's, anyone?