Tuesday, January 27, 2009

another crafty post...

since we talked yesterday about the urge to create that comes with the cold weather (or round these parts, damn cold) and drives the crafty into hibernation mode, we thought today would be a good day to post a tutorial that can actually help keep all that crafty stuff in tow. if you are anything like me, by 10 pm my sectional is covered with bits of thread, more felt fuzz than i care to mention, and stray pins a-plenty. not a great idea when you've got 4 kids that like to snuggle up on said couch first thing in the morning, without being impaled by pins.

here's a cute tutorial for a pincushion we found on whipup.net. again, take license. how cute made from a felted sweater? a flower on top (someday we'll delve into the whys of my "flower-on-top" fetish, i'm not ready to go there yet)? here's a tip- stuff the pincushion with real wool to keep pins from rusting. here's another tip- don't listen to me. do what you like and get crafting!!!

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