Sunday, January 18, 2009

a little somethin' for the ladies...

we are trying to carry a little something for everyone, but since our real passion is our kiddos, you can be expecting lotsa handmade goodness for the 6-12 year range. does anyone else think the "cool stuff" market cuts off at about size 6 or so? stay tuned for some announcements, but also be sure to check out the awesome kids clothes we are currently offerring from pinecone and chickadee, moth designs, and milo in maine. so much more to come, too!

since i (liza) have been focused mainly on clothes for the wee ones as a business for the past few years, i'm having a hard time crawling out of that niche. there's so much fun fabric to play with right now! i'm loving doing vintage-inspired and simple designs. my apron dresses have been a big hit, especially in the amy butler patterns. the lovely london stopped in yesterday to pick up her custom dress in the "daisy chain" patterns.

and the ever-charming catalina tamed her lovely blonde locks with a wonderful felt barette by "mimisayshi". these clips are so cute, people. you gotta get some... they're in the children's section on the site, but i'd sport one. would'nt you?

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  1. As the proud mother of one of the owners of the shop, I urge all of you to "check it out". These two are truly wonderful ladies who have a unique flair for what they do best. Please visit the website often, as new items are added daily. They are still "ramping up", so check back often. Many items are still not on the site as yet.

    Best of luck girls!