Tuesday, January 20, 2009

featured crafter for january

mary e. robbins of moth designs in portalnd,maine was one of the first artisans to jump on board with us. we feel so inspired by mary's great use of bold color and design. her totes are functional, fabulously designed, and better yet? they're all made from repurposed fabrics! we loooove the recycled goodies, folks. what's more, they each are modeled after one of the special women that has so inspired mary's creative journey. each is called after a woman in her extended family in morocco. the design is based upon a practical market tote or bag each woman would use for her daily tasks. today i'm thinking her totes would make a great carry-all for that knitting project and a few books for cozying up with... or perhaps to the market to buy some ingredients for a yummy stew? so many possibilities! did i mention her shirts? we have them for the kiddos and adults! their bright colors and bold, graphic screen-printing is fun and whimsical while inspiring a bit of conversation through the arabic text printed on the front. the wearer of the shirt can learn to translate the text on the shirt and share the language with anyone who might ask... and they will ask for sure! such a great and fun way to create appreciation for another culture and be oh-so-hip.

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  1. thank you thank you! i am ever so flattered and touched. much love for kindred!