Tuesday, January 27, 2009

surprise... a giveaway!

in the spirit of winter craftiness, i have decided that a giveaway is most definitely in order. does'nt make sense? why do you care? you could win these! they're hip, they're cozy, they're eco-chic, and they could be free! for you! or you! yes, even you...
de from a recycled and felted wool sweater and embellished with leaf and button detail, you'll be green in style. extra long length makes them a perfect solution if those 3/4 sleeves have got you down. wear them in the office for chiily typing hands. wear them as you knit for chilly knitting hands. wear them for driving, to the post office, to the ball, whatever. you'll wear them all the time. promise. leave us a comment and we'll choose a winner on thursday at 12 noon. meanwhile, use those chilly typing hands and git yerself over to http://www.buykindred.com/ and support some kick-butt handmade goodness.
and if you don't win? check out the other pairs we've still got kickin' around in the shop...(under the "hats & mittens" category).

come back on thursday to see if you've won and i'll post a quick tutorial on making these babies.


  1. Ah, yes, these would get a lot of use at my house! I love that they are made from a sweater. Nice work!

  2. I was out scraping ice from car this morning and those would have come in real handy. Hope I win. At this point it looks like I have a 50/50 chance.

  3. Hey gal,

    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway; I thought I might as well get in on that action. I looove those cute little handwarmers.

    I would love to do a stint on the blog! I'll come up with some "tute" -as you say- and that will be that.

    Wanna guest on my blog?

    We can cross-pollinate the handmade goodness!!!

  4. I love these. Super cute. Can't wait for Thursday and the tutorial :-)

  5. oooh, love this idea! such a sweet blog you have.