Thursday, January 22, 2009

i've been DYEING to do this...

okay, i'm out. kim was outted as an impersonator yesterday, it's only fair i have a turn. i'm a closet hippie. i've put my inner flower child on the backburner since my college days, forsaking patchouli (which smells just like dirt on me) and tye dye for tom's natural deodorant and whatever clothes have the least cat hair, spit up, coffee or toddler what-have-you on them. i've become downright presentable. alright, i do have a blue streak in my hair and a nose ring, but it's a little blue streak and a teensy weensy nose stud. but i digress. the point? my inner hippi finally busted free this week. i've been toying with the idea of doing a cohesive line of something for a long time. i tend to do a whole lotta random things unless it's for a wholesale order, so this gave my little ole life some purpose and direction (this past week, anyway). each item is totally unique and made totally from repurposed materials. i hand-dyed the slips myself with veggie dye (so pricey, i don't know that i'll do that again if there's any chance of people liking these and wanting me to go into production mode) and embellished them with thrifted silk scarves, buttons, lace, doilies, etc. i screen-printed some, too. they're all unique and i'm dying to get some feedback on them... whaddya think?

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