Sunday, January 25, 2009

keeping warm...

(above slippers posted on by lizapdesign)
there is such a wealth of inspiration and ideas on the web. one could spend hours surfing through the various crafty sites and blogs... okay, i do spend hours doing just that. i have been known to rush out for obscure crafting supplies in a gotta-do-that frenzy (anyone else think an all-night craft shop is a big money-maker someone is missing the boat on?).

in honor of the gazillions of wonderful ideas out there, and in order to maybe provide some inspiration, we will be posting some of our favorite tutorials out there. if you have pics of your finished product, or ideas on how to improve/change/add to a project, let us know! we'll put your pics on the blog...

to start, it's been super-cold 'round these parts. the kind of weather where you just want to stay in, hunker down, and craft something. something cozy. here's a project that combines cute and cozy!

a pair of ballet-style slippers with endless possibilities! i'm thinking skip the fabric lining and go with fleece? a wool felt flower at the toe? ummmm, 'scuse me... i've gotta go make sure i have some fleece around....


  1. Liza those are the coolest things I've never seen!

  2. Oh, no! It looks like the magazine is no longer going to be published, and the link doesn't work. Bummer.