Monday, January 19, 2009

a bit of rambling...

so, today is martin luther king day. yeah, school is closed, your favorite shops are keeping wonky hours or are closed, too. it's all a tad inconvenient... except that if you stop for a minute, i mean really stop for a minute and think on what it took for dr. king to be what he was in the day that he lived, well, it's pretty amazing. i'm not gonna go on and bore you with the historical nonsense, but let's just give a shout out to martin luther king today. give him props as you go about your daily routine without worrying someone's going to slam a door on you, as you express yourself freely on a blog, or as you walk into any damn store or down any damn sidewalk you please. these little things we all take for granted have not always been so simple, people. one day in the not too distant past, a single mother and a stay-home mother would never have had the opportunity to open a business. we feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity, but it is soooo important to sit back every once in a while and realize that our opportunity in america has never really been given to us. it is made of the dreams, sweat, blood and tears of the many brave who dared stand up for what they believed. we salute you, dr.king.

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